Land owners can apply for special appraisals based on the property’s productivity value. The land’s ability to produce agricultural or timber products determines the productivity value, which is usually lower than market value. Land used to manage wildlife may also qualify for special use appraisal.

These special tax valuations are approved by Liberty County Central Appraisal District NOT Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service – Liberty County office. On their website you can find all the necessary forms and guidelines needed for each tax valuation you are seeking here

For Timber Land Appraisal assistance please visit the Texas A&M Forest Service office, located at 2013 Cos St., Liberty, TX 77575, or contact them by phone at 936-327-4832.

Our ARG agent Roy Flora is available to assist clientele with Wildlife Management Plans, if necessary, by appointment only.  Please email him at to schedule an appointment.

The following publications explain the tax exemptions and special provisions available to Texas farmers, ranchers and agribusiness managers and the effect of those exemptions on state and local governmental revenues.

Agriculture Taxes in Texas (Publ. E-143)

Wildlife Management as Agricultural Use for Property Tax Valuation in Texas (Publ. ESP-377)


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