Community Economic Development

Welcome to the Community & Economic Development Program Department here in Liberty County!

  • Are you looking to become a homeowner but have limited resources for a down payment and/or have credit issues?
  • Are you looking to start or expand your family farm and need access to funding to buy land or equipment?
  • Are you looking to start or expand your business and would like access to funding or need guidance and information?
  • Are you looking for information and assistance in obtaining government contracts for your small business?

As your local Prairie View A&M University Cooperative Extension Program Community & Economic Development Extension Agent, I offer professional consultation for individuals, families, aspiring entrepreneurs, and small businesses in our community. As a trusted resource of knowledge and information for our limited-resource community members, our local services and programs are in the areas of homeownership including credit improvement and debt management, small business start-up and expansion, workforce development, and youth entrepreneurship. Throughout the year, our office hosts workshops that are at no cost and open to the public. If you have any questions, please reach out and schedule a quick chat so that we can see how I can help you reach your goals.


Let’s Work Together!


Schedule a Quick Chat – Discover all the ways I can assist you, your business, and/or the community

Homebuyer Initial Consultation – Let’s talk about the loan options available to you with USDA, check to see if you qualify for a USDA loan and discuss the next steps

Small Business Initial Consultation – Let’s talk about your business ideas, goals, government contracting opportunities, and funding opportunities available

Family Farm – Let’s talk about your small, family farm business planning, expanding, and lending opportunities






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