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Re-entering Your Flooded Home Videos

NDSU Extension specialists Carl Pedersen and Ken Hellevang review what to look for as you re-enter a flooded home.

Flooded Home: Inspecting the outside of the Structure

Flooded Home: Entering the Home the First Time

Flooded Home:  Electrical Issues

Flooded Home:  Checking Out the Mechanical Systems

Flooded Home:  Drying Out

Cleaning Your Flooded Home (5-part series, 12 -18 minutes each)

cleaning home after flood

Flooded House Clean-up: Protection from Hazards

Flooded House Clean-up: Structure, Utilities and Mold

Flooded House Clean-up: Clean-up Process 1

Flooded House Clean-up: Clean-up Process 2

Flooded House Clean-up: Drying 


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