Better Living for Texans

Nutrition, Physical Activity and Gardening Education for Adults and Youth

Better Living for Texans (BLT) is a statewide supplemental nutrition assistance education program helps people make healthy meals, improve their physical fitness, save money at the grocery store, grow their own foods, and adopt better food safety habits.


Check out the BLT programs offered in Liberty County…

Fresh Start to a Healthy You curriculum senior adult choose fruit containers at the grocery store  Growing and Nourishing Healthy Communities Garden curriculum

Healthy Living!                       Healthy Aging!                         Grow a Garden!


      group of men walk and run together     family runs together

           Walking for Fitness!                                Kids Increase physical Activity!


         graphic illustration of kids watering a potted plant

Nutrition for Young Teens!                           Learn, Grow, Eat & Go!

Check out the BLT Newsletter with helpful facts, nutritional information and great recipes!



Community Service Opportunity


Cleveland Community Garden: Growing and Nourishing Healthy Communities

There’s nothing quite like fresh produce. Come discover the benefits of what a home grown garden has to offer and help build and maintain Cleveland’s very own Community Garden. A taste of home grown freshness right here in Liberty County. DIRECT FROM THE GARDEN TO YOUR PLATE!







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