Community Economic Development

The Community and Economic Development Unit serves as a resource and assistance center for limited resource families and individuals in pursuit of increasing their standard of living through entrepreneurship, community program participation, home ownership, and government assistance programs. Primarily the Community & Economic Development (CED) staff offers professional consultation and technical assistance for entrepreneurs and community organizations looking to start or expand their operations.

CED staff provides insight on the local business climate and feasibility of the proposed business idea or expansion and provide local government and community analysis of critical economic development issues. In addition, our CED staff provides small scale agricultural producers technical assistance and small business counseling that support profitable and sustainable business operations.  Our staff provides group training that includes farm planning, farm income, alternative crops, niche markets, product quality, product distribution, farm policies, global markets, debt management, accounting, business management and financial forecasting for small farmers.

Liberty County Extension Staff welcome Eisha Jones from Cleveland, TX to our team!  We are excited to share her enthusiasm to reach out to the residents and leaders around the county.
Eisha obtained a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Phoenix after she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies.

Her extensive experience as a Financial Advisor will benefit our local residents with educational tools to improve personal and business financial management habits.
She is an active member of the Cleveland Rotary Club, Health Center of Southeast Texas Board, Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce and has served on the Liberty County Housing Authority Board.




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